Friday, March 04, 2011

Coloured Eyeliners…. Yay or Nay??

I really only ever thought about eye liners in two colours.. Brown or Black…
I always skipped passed the coloured liners because that’s what eyeshadows are for… Well since experiementing a little I have found they just give such a different effect..
These two colours from The Natural Source’s Camouflage collection are fab. The blue really makes my eyes pop I also use this a lot on my lower lash line. And the light brown is great for smudging and blending. You can see where I have rubbed off the name from using it soooo much!! They are mini pencils because lets be honest who has ever used a whole pencil??

And I am now addicted to lining my bottom water line with a white pencil to make them look bigger.. Its amazing..
They really just add to my different make-up looks and can be so much fun… So girls try something different, add a splash of colour!!



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