Saturday, February 26, 2011

An Apology!!

First of all Thank-You to everyone who follows my blog I am so grateful… As most of you are aware I am super new at this only been blogging a week, so I’m still learning all the ins and outs… Please email me with any tips and advice J

Now… I am sorry for the terrible quality photos… I have been taking them with my i-phone… My poor sister cringes and scolds me every time I ask her to look at my blog… Telling me, I should be embarrassed of the quality of my images…. Sooooo….. **drum roll** I just bought a new camera online, with her money $$, woops…. So hopefully this will = better pictures. Hahaha  really soon I will be able to take ‘blog-worthy’ pictures… But in the mean time, because I love blogging so much you will have to put up with my lame excuse at photography….
I hope it will make my blog a bit more user friendly….  Thank-you beauties for being so patient..
Lots of love and kisses
xox xox Miss Pampered Princess xox xox


1 comment:

  1. thats ok. when i started, i kept on blogging and blogging to put more articles so that when people visit my blog, they have more stuff to read.

    and congratulations on your new camera. since you are mostly doing product shots, you might need a desklamp for good lighting. camera flashes can work, but the flash would reflect too much especially on shiny product packaging.

    you can google do it yourself lightbox for a more beautiful photo result :)

    happy blogging!