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Product must haves!! The basics.. Beauty Make-Up

The best place to start with any beauty make up is the basics. Not only will they make you look fabulous they will also be staples that you can rely on no matter what.
Here is a look into my full-proof make-up must haves.

#1 a make-up/skin primer. Ladies you need one. If you wonder why some people’s make-up sits so flawlessly on their face and wonder how they get such even natural skin the answer apart from a fabulous make-up artist, the answer will be a primer.  As one of Napoleon Perdis's products says... It's a crime not to prime.. Which is so true. If you have never tried a primer, girl you're missing out... If you wonder why your foundation sits differently all over your face, chances are you need a primer. It acts as layer over the epidermis which evens out your skin, and creates a great base to apply your foundation. Now, people ask me isn't a moisturiser enough. Well my response is, everyone’s skin is different and if you’re happy with the coverage and effect your make-up currently has then yes. But for me I like my make-up to look flawless, I want to even out my skin tone (like my forehead is always dryer than my cheeks and this effects the look & application of my make-up), also primers assist in making your make-up last longer. And for me I find wearing make-up all day can kind of block my pores so by putting on a primer first it gives it an extra nourishing layer against the make-up. You only need a tiny bit.  My favourites are:

Mirenesse Make-up Base SPF 15 This is a strong formula which stays put on the skin. You only need the smallest amount, and its very effective. It really evens out my skin tone and allows my foundation to glide over the top. I have found my foundation lasts a lot longer when I put this underneath. Because it feels so concentrated I only use this for night time make-up when I know I need it to really last. I don't want to waste it on my day-to-day make-up. Its convenient pump pack makes it so easy to get a small amount it blends well onto my skin. I would really recommend it for any make-up professional who loves their make-up steps. 

Mirenesse Make-up Base SPF 15

Face of Australia Face Base. 3 in 1 Primes, Protects & Moisturises. I adore this primer for my day wear make-up. It also contains a SPF 15 which makes me happy. As I always say I make sure I wear an SPF every day!!! It’s so so so important, even if your going to be inside all day. Its a very smooth and consistent formula which sits perfectly on my skin. I just wait two minutes before applying my foundation to ensure it fully absorbs into my skin. Its oil free which is good for those who find their skin tends to get a little greasy during the day and has to reach for the powder. It really provides me with a great canvas to start my make-up for the day.

Face of Australia Face Base
Australis Primer. This little primer is a great quick solution for when I'm in a rush. I always prime doesn't matter how little time I have. I just pop this under my foundation and start applying right away. My make-up sits pretty well, but that’s also because I have done a quick application. It’s a light gel that my skin soaks up, and result smooth skin ready... Not much to say other than I love it, it has become a staple in my make-up drawer quick, simple, done the way a primer should be. (Australis have updated their packaging, so this is their old style).
Australis Primer

#2 eyelash curler.. Ladies they honestly do wonders…  My favourite is the Shu Uemura. But you need one I promise you!! For me it gives me an extra kick that my lashes need for the flirty fluttery effect and then I apply mascara with the lash to accentuate them.

Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler

#3 is an eyelash primer and mascara… Even if you don’t have time to put on a face of makeup a quick clamp of your curler and a sweep of mascara and your good to go. Also an eyelash wand is a saviour for clotting and unwanted spider eyes… Gasp!!

Eye Lash Primer recommendations:
Mirenesse - 4D Secret Lash Evolution Primer

Estee Lauder – Lash Primer Plus
Yves Saint Laurent - Everlong Mascara Waterproof
Mirenesse- Sexy Secret Weapon 24 Hr Mascara with Plastic Fantastic Brush
Covergirl- Lash Blast
#4 is a good foundation/tinted moisturiser. I have a few depending on what look I am going for and what time of the wear it is. Obviously during the summer months it is darker than would I wear in the middle of winter. So if you don’t want too many product a tinted moisturiser is better for you.
At the moment I am loving the Mirinesse foundations.
Y Flawless Revolution 3 in 1 Anti ageing 24hr Skin Perfecter SPF15
Y Liquid Silk Mineral Foundation No Oil SPF15
Y Velvet Maxi Lift Foundation Original 18 Hr Airbrush Finish 40g Winner BEST LONG LASTING FOUNDATION
Y Velvet Maxi Lift + Antiageing Renovage Airbrush Finish WINNER BEST LONG LASTING FOUNDATION

Mirenesse Matte Liquid Silk Foundation  (Bronze Silk).. Love love love this foundation. Easy application, great medium coverage. It just works so well with my skin minimal effort for application. This formulation is great for my skin. It lasts all day (I put a powder over the top to set it). But for a dewy look I leave it plain. Its great all over, doesn't seep into my lines making them more apparent
Mirenesse Matte Liquid Silk Foundation

Velvet Maxi Lift Foundation Air Brush 18 Hr Wear. Very light consistency, I like to build this up to a stronger coverage. Applies well with my finger. Contains ingredients that promote more youthful skin, so double effect. Gives me a soft glowy look. Don't know about 18 hour wear but definitely has great staying power. Its so powerful it can be hard to wash off my fingers after application, really have to scrub my hands for removal. But this is another great product of Mineresse.

Velvet Maxi Lift Foundation Air Brush

Flawless Revolution Anti-Ageing 3 in 1 24 hour skin perfecter SPF 15. When I first aw this product with the swirls through it I thought this is not going to work. But once pumped onto fingers, its a fluid combination of all ingredients. Great and easy to apply, offers fabulous even coverage. This first time I wore it, my mum commented on how dewy and lovely my skin looked and asked me what I was wearing. Now let me tell you, my mum never gives me compliments or asks me about my make-up so for her to make a comment is really something.. Its last well, photographs well. My only issue is when I'm pumping it  takes a lot of squeezes to get it. Not sure if it is just mine or the way its made with the swirls. So when I’m in a hurry sometimes it takes over 30 pumps to even get a little out. I was going to write to the company to ask if this was normal, but I am yet to get onto it I keep forgetting until I go to use it again.. But the actual product itself is as the name says 'Flawless'. Plus the SPF is an absolute bonus. 

Flawless Revolution Anti-Ageing 3 in 1

Minersse Velvet Maxi Lift Line Treatment FoundationYes, Yes & Yes.. Yes velvety, Yes great coverage, Yes I will buy again. I love this little miracle foundation. Thick strong coverage which I love in a foundation. It leaves my skin velvety and smooth. It hides all my imperfections effortlessly. Blends so will with my skin tone. Easy pump for controlled distribution.  Also has anti-ageing extracts which I adore the thought of, because it means its not only just a foundation it also has extra properties to fight against ageing. I love my skin when I have this and my other make-up sits perfectly on top of it. Thank-You Mineresse :)
Minersse Velvet Maxi Lift Line Treatment Foundation

#5 is a lipstick/lip gloss in a neutral colour. Something not too sparkly or shiny… So you can wear it with any look any time and it be very natural…

My favourites are:
Y Prrr by Mac Tinted Lipglass
Y C-Thru by Mac Tinted Lipglass
Y NARS lipgloss in Foul Play


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