Thursday, February 24, 2011


Products that smell so yummy, you will want to eat them...
I have to tell you about one of my favourite shower gels, & I only get this for the fragrance. I don't care about its washability or cleanability only its aromability. Its Lush's Snow Fairy!!!! (**Drools**) It smells like candy. Literally it’s like washing yourself in lollies. Its divine, the down side it is only available at Christmas :( so I stocked up this year I bought 3 x 500 grams bottles. I love it that much its pink and has sparkles in it and is fun fun fun... Like I can't tell you how much I love this wash.. I also use it as a bubble bath and it turns my bathroom into a lolly store but without the calories. It's also vegan which I think is cool. And Lush has a picture & name of the person who made the product as well as the date which I think is really great. But at Christmas time if you want a special gift for a friend or yourself, Lush's Snow Fairy will not disappoint.

In Essence; Tahitian Monoi- Body Bar... One of my favourite flowers in the world is gardenia. It has the most magnificent fragrance that words cannot describe. A friend knows how much I adore them and come December she brings me cuttings from her garden. So when I found this body bar that smells as good as the real thing I got excited. And got a second one to put in my underwear drawer.. Its rich formula does wonders for my skin. I love using this on my exfoliating glove or before I exfoliate. I smother and lather my skin with this creamy soap and then exfoliate into my skin. It leaves my skin feeling really nourished and smooth. It is very indulgent, but if you enjoy bathing as much as I do then spoil yourself. It really creates a wonderful bath experience.
<**Tip** put nice smelling soaps or finished fragrance bottles in your underwear & sock drawers!!>

Premium Spa Coconut and Vanilla Body butter.. Yes yes & yes. Yes it's nourishing, yes it smells good and yes I will buy it again. I purchased this product because I loved their sugar scrub so much so it had big shoes to fill. And boy has it filled them. I love rich body creams. I slather this on my semi wet skin after exfoliating and robe up for at least 20 minutes. It absorbs well into my skins and works well as a nourishing skin saviour. The sweet coconut flavour adds to my joy, and I feel it complements the coconut from the scrub. I love products with tropical aromas, it reminds me of beaches and holidays. If you don't like lots of cream (unlike me) this product is fine, it absorbs easily and leaves skin smooth. It’s free of artificial colours and animal derived products. It’s also made in Australia :) yay...


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