Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Remove the face! xox

Remove the Make-Up
Mirenesse Purify Melt and Vanish (Makeup Remover). I got this product after reading its rave review on beauty heaven. It’s a rinse off makeup remover. Its quite an oily product and assists to remove most of the make-up from my face but I find it doesn't do a complete job. I do like it, however I still find I either have to remove from product with a babywipe before or after. That being said I wear a bit of make-up when I go out at night and this is when I use the product. So for those who wear more moderate make-up this is probably better suited for you. It’s a nice product but maybe a little too oily for me.

However their Purify Dual Comfort (Eye and Lip Makeup remover) is great. You just shake and apply to a cotton pad and it swipes my eye make-up away nicely. It leaves my skin a little red, but again I wear long lasting products like gel eye liners and budge proof mascaras so most products don't remove it. But its soft and great formulation to melt away my eye make-up. And its leaves my skin nourished, which is important after wearing make-up all day..

Australis 3 in 1 Make-Up remover wipes. Now I have mentioned and don’t hide the fact that I prefer baby wipes over make-up wipes. I find that most make-up wipes make me break out! However these were on sale 3 pack of $12 (AUS) and I couldn’t resist.. I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised. If I’m wearing heavier eye make-up I sometimes find that baby wipes won’t do the best job in removing my mascaras and eyeliners and I end up with red eyes from rubbing. Now normally I’m very religious in removing make-up with my designated removers, however and girls I know I’m not the only one. If you have been out partying all night or had a massive day you just don’t have any energy to remove your make-up. So I reach for the wipes. Now back to the Australis wipes, they are not too moist that I feel left wet faced, and I like to place this on my eyelid and leave for a few second whilst it picks up my make-up. I found these effective and great at taking off my make-up. I sometimes use these on their own, or in conjunction with a toner which I actually use on the folded up wipe once I have finished with it. They don’t have a heavy fragrance which I have found with other wipes, and seriously get the job done.. They will now have a well-earned spot in my beauty drawer..


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