Saturday, February 19, 2011


Face of Australia Foundations Review:
Face of Australia stick foundation SPF 15. I found these little gems a few years ago and have never looked back. Sometimes I want strong coverage for night time. Stick foundations tend to be very strong, and some people don't like such strong coverage but I do. I have it in Outback Beige for winter and Outback Tan for summer when my skin is darker. They are so easy to apply with a sponge and allows really controlled application. Great for your handbag for easy touch ups. Just whip it out, touch up and done. I always have them in my beauty case. They are so great just a very easy foundation, I can’t get enough. If you don't like a strong coverage, I wouldn't suggest a stick foundation for you. But I adore this stick of beauty. 

Face of Australia Expert Finish Mousse Foundation (Tan): After bad experiences with other mousse's I had given up on them. I felt it was hard to get an even coverage, I couldn't get the right amount it was either too much or not enough. And it never lasted on my skin. I couldn't get an even look. Until I found this pot of gold. I thought because I love their stick foundations so much, they might be ok. And Face of Australia has changed my mind about foundation mouse. This is a great foundation. So smooth and light, I adore it. It gives me an even skin tone, and a really soft and polished look. I used a powder blend over the top to set it and to last longer, but its not necessary. I do keep it in my bag for touch ups (just in case), but rarely pull it out. Good if you like applying products with your fingers, but blends really well with a brush. It really makes my face feel covered but still fresh. I’m a convert now, and have a new found love for mousse.

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