Monday, February 28, 2011

How to: Facial At Home...

I love going to the salon, but I also love pampering myself at home. For most women it's not feasible to get to the salon whenever they please so here is my mini how-to: give yourself a quick facial at home!

Step 1:
Take off your make-up. I used Australis 3 in 1 make-up wipes. I really like them. I have found other make-up wipes make me break out in the past where-as these ones remove my make-up quickly and easily. 

Step 2:
Cleanse. Now there are two options for cleansing, one: do a deep cleanse and apply cleanser and massage into skin for two minutes and then leave for three minutes to absorb into skin. Or two: to do a double cleanse and this is two quick cleanses after each other (either using the same cleanser or two different cleansers). Rinse.


Step 3:
Exfoliate. Depending on your skin type and schedule you can give yourself a light scrub and a more abrasive scrub. Rub exfoliator of choice onto the skin in circular motions for two minutes and rinse with warm water.


Step 4 (Optional):
Steam. A home steam can be done by filling your basin (or bowl) with boiling water (and adding essential oils i.e. tea tree optional). And then standing over the basin with a towel covering your head you allow the steam  open up your pores. Warning: don't stand too close to your basin start almost standing straight and slowly lowering your head to where you feel comfortable. To close you can breathe in the steam to quickly or can cause burning so please be cautious if doing this step***

Step 5:Mask. Now every skin type is different and even skin on different areas  your face can be different. Sometime I’ll apply up to 4 different masks at one time concentrating each mask on different areas of my face. (For the photos I only did a clay mask) And leave on as per directions (usually 10-20 minutes).

My hair looks odd because I have a conditioner mask in my hair. Before I started my facial I put conditioner into my hair dry and concentrated on the ends and put into a bun. This was left for 30 minutes while I had a facial.

Apologies for the state of my eyebrows. I am a firm believer that your eyebrows are one of the most important parts to your face, they frame your face. I am due to have them done this weekend, by my eyebrow specialist. I have very curly eyebrows and won’t touch them myself. I am in the process of growing them out and hence they are very messy. I will post before and after photos to show you the difference. I recommend you see an eyebrow waxer at least once to discuss your eyebrows and their shape. What might look good on your favourite celebrity, may not suit your face.

After I applied my mask, I sat and enjoyed a bath for 20 minutes before rinsing out the conditioner and washing off the mask.

I try and to this treatment at least once a week, maybe twice depending on what my schedule is like. I change the products depending on how my skin feels or what events I have on. If I have a big event on Saturday night I won't give myself a facial with a scrub on Friday. However I might just do a deep cleanse and a hydrating face mask with an eye treatment.

After my facial I spritzed my face with Jurliques Rose Water mist, and then applied UltraCeuticals Ultra A Eye Treatment Serum under my eyes, Mirenesse (high power )Gele to my neck, and Mirenesse High Lift to my face, and Mirensse Eyebrow serum to my eyelashes and eyebrows. 


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