Friday, February 25, 2011


I was introduced to Mirenesse through Beauty Heaven and I'm so glad I was. I am now a VIP member and love their products. I can't get enough. Their cleansers, masks, serums they are all so great..

Their D-Blemish Gel Cleanser was sent to me as a VIP gift as part of the Power Clear range. It’s a clear gel cleanser and you only need smallest amount for deep cleansing. It’s a very runny product and applies easily. It leaves my skin a little dry because it’s a blemish clearing product (& I'm prone to dry skin). It leaves my skin feeling so clean and tight which I like before applying my serums. It has a sweet peppermint aroma to it, and I know the formulation really works deep into my pores. I have really enjoyed using it. And find it an easy shower product to wash away the days dirt of my face. 

Mirenesse Power Clear Thermal Pore Mask is a great product. I got mini samples of these and knew I wanted the full size. You leave it in hot warm for two minutes to activate the product before scrubbing onto your face and then it keeps warming up as it is activated with your skin. This sticky formulation really gets into the pores of your skin, and the warmth of the product is so revitalising. I was enjoy this fun product I lie waiting while it warms up and rubbing it into my skin. It’s a little stocky to rinse off, but I usually do it in the bath while I have a hair mask in and then rinse it off under the shower. But it really prepares my face for a mask. I sometimes get small break outs after using this product, but for me I like this because I know its removing dead skin cells and allowing impurities to be drawn out of my skin.

Mirenesse Power Clear Hydration Serum:
This little wonder product is fabulous. I use this daily on my d├ęcolletage. I am so concerned about my chest looking 80 when I'm 40 so I make sure I am taking care of that area now when I'm 24.... Prevention is key for me... So I love this for this area. I know it’s exposed to the sun more than it should be and because I live in a country with one of the highest UV ratings in the world and make sure that the area’s most prone to sun damage are taken care of. So really feel this wonder serum is assisting me with my endeavour. It’s a really rich thick formula that is easily absorbed into my skin and I can’t instantly feel results from this serum. Another winner from Mirenesse.. 

I just recently received the Mirenesse Power Clear Treatment Gel as a VIP gift and use it after applying my serum. I really feel that this compliments the serum and gives it an extra powerful kick. Again I just use this product on my d├ęcolletage is it is one of the most sensitive and important areas of skin on the body. And I want to ensure if it really well protected and covered and with these two products I know I'm right :)

                      Mirenesse, Velvet Maxiscult Collagen Gele (Elastic Reshape Filler)
I this I use on my neck. I noticed light lines around my neck area they go horizontal across my neckline and I can't stand them. I bought this product as a solution as its description say is does what I want to minimise on my neck. And in the first week of using this product and have noticed a decrease in the appearance of the lines. They are less noticeable and appear to have thinned out. I am so happy with the results of the wonder gele. I will definitely purchase again when I run out. It is so soft and easy to apply. It’s clear leaving no residue. Its key ingredients are Maitake Mushroom, Gold Hesrt Extract & Collagen Hyaluronate and this little gem has done wonders for my neck line. 

Mirenesse Power Lift Super Line Peel 24 Hour Gel.
This came as part of a power face package I ordered.  tingles when you first put it on, and it gave me a little fright but within 3 minutes the tingling subsides. You leave this mask on overnight and wash off in the morning. Result smoother tighter skin. It leaves me with a slight glow, and I feel my morning products are better absorbed into my skin. At first did give me little spots but I didn't worry because I think it will be just dirt trapped that the product has removed. It’s a clear gel and doesn't rub off on your pillows, you can barely feel it when its only if you think about it. There is mornings I forget it’s on, until I wash my face. It’s still early to tell the long term benefits of the product but I'm satisfied with its results and will keep using it. 

Mirensse Endless Youth Ocean Milk Mousse Mask
This mask is amazing, it definitely is a unique product. You apply a thin, even layer of the runny gel over your face and within 10 secs it begins to foam on your face. It is fabulous, a truly amazing mask. Once the initial tingling subsides which is the activation of the product on your skin, it relaxes into a calming deep penetrating mask. My skin feels completely renewed after I wash it off. You feel as if it has lifted your face. I adore it and recommend to those who what a mask that assists with the reduction of fine lines. 



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