Friday, February 18, 2011


Bath time products...
I really enjoy bath time I make it almost a ritual. So that’s why I enjoy beautiful smelling products. This is how I like to relax by pampering my body. So I enjoy filling my bathroom with a multitude of products to indulge in. And each product is so different and unique I find it really exciting to try new things and find my favourites that make bath-time fun fun fun.

Billie Goat Soap; Bath Milk... This bath time wonder, is fabulous. It's also formulated for sensitive skin. My cousin gave these products to me as a gift (she is a dermatologist) and I have instantly fallen in love. You only need a little bit, but if you love products like me I tip the whole bag into one bath.. The packaging says you can get two baths, I think up to five a little of this goes a long way. I have it in lavender, and it just has the instant calming aroma associated with the scent. It melts with the water and your left with a lovely relaxing bath time experience. Team it up with their Lavender soap and I promise you will be one satisfied bathee (if that is a word). Its a great bathroom treat for when you have had a stressful day and want to relax and unwind and this product allows just that.  It also contains cocoa butter to give your skin added moisture, vitamin E also great for your skin, and Epsom salts which is great for your muscles.
I’m a big bath girl I love it, and this low maintenance product makes your bath a treat.

 Billie Goat Soap (Lavender) like the bath salts this is another great product. it’s a very rich moisturising soap. I found with other hard soaps they can sometimes be drying on the skin. But not this bar of gold... It honestly is so rich you can feel it in your hands.. I'm not sure what it is about goats milk that is so nourishing (may have to do some research..) but it just has this amazing properties that really leaving your skin feel soft and silky. There is also olive oil and almond oil in this gem that I believe adds to its great effects. You don’t need a lot to feel clean, just be careful you don't leave it on the white tiles like i did because i will stick and left a tiny purple mark (which was easily washed off). I can't say enough good things about this soap. I have used bars of soap in the past and to be honest I don't like them. They leave me feeling dry, or slip out of my hands and I have always preferred liquid washes. But this has won me over.. Love it.. 


Innoxa- Restore body wash. I won this a few months ago and I am sooo lucky to have found this body wash. The first thing I noticed the smell. Its divine, its almost has a sexy man aroma to it which I cant get enough of. It is divine. My only criticism is the 300ml bottle is not enough for me I want more more more. It really washes the skin, and a little goes a long way on a loofah. I like products that smell good, and I describe this products smell as sexy. It will definitely now be a staple in my shower. After the gym I pop into the shower wash this over me and I literally smell just from the smell, it makes me feel clean and sexy. Seriously if you want a treat in the bathroom, this is it...

In-Essence Muscle Ease Bath Salts: This conveniently measured sachet makes a quick easy bath time treat. I have recently being doing booty camp (boot camp for girls) and this product has been a saviour!! Just run a bath and pour this salt mixture under the running water to permeate. It has a very comforting smell which comes from the ingredients of lemongrass, lavender and rosemary. It won’t cure your muscle stiffness, however it really does assist to relax my whole body after a tough training session. If you’re not a big bubble kind-of girl than and do a bit of physical training this product could become your new bath friend.


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