Monday, February 21, 2011

Skin 101!! xox

My girlfriends always comment on what lovely skin I have. And I thank my mum for good genetics. But I also thank my cousin for introducing me to great products. To be able to apply great make-up you have to start with a great canvas. So my top 5 tips to great skin:

       1 ~ Drink lots of water! I know it’s simple but it is true. Drinking water flushes all the toxins out   of your system allowing for a healthier insides which reflects a healthy outside.

2 ~ Certain foods are said to assist with a healthy glow
These include:
Green Tea
Low fat yogurt
Dark chocolate
Green vegatables

3 ~      An effective cleanser suited to your skin type:
I have just started using Cosmedics Gentle Antioxidant Cleanser and I'm so happy. It has taken me years to find a really good cleanser that agrees with my skin, and I have found it with this wonder cleanser. I don't need a lot as it has a great formula, and it doesn't over lather which I love. I have found really soapy cleanser dry out my skin. I just need a little bit and a wash off to reveal smooth feeling skin.  I do a second cleanse if I have been wearing a lot of make-up that day. It doesn't leave my skin feeling tight at all, just very clean. I have experienced no break outs or skin issues since using this cleanser and found I don't need as much moisturiser because my skin is feeling very hydrated. I tend to have sensitive skin, but have had no issues, it’s even safe around the eyes. I really like this product and its Australian Made and Owned yay!!

4 ~         A good night of zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz’s.
              Believe me, a well rested beauty really has a more glowing complexion. I know    sometimes it’s easier said then done, but if your more organised in the night times, this can give you that extra 20 minutes in bed in the morning. Also when going to bed make sure that your face is clean and make-up free. Please ladies and if you enjoy your night treatments like I do, try once to twice a week to have nothing on the precious face of yours!! & let your skin truly breath…

5 ~ Do not squeeze those pimples ladies!!
 Unless you want a permanent reminder of where it is... My advice, if it springs up in the morning put a light down of tea tree oil on the spot, or if it's just before bed a small bit of toothpaste directly onto the spot will dry out the spot.

In Essence Tea Tree pure essential oil. My girlfriends always ask me what should they put on their spots (pimples)... And I always say tea-tree oil. It's such an old remedy but a great one. Just dab a bit of the tea tree on the spot, it's really healing and will attack the bacteria of the spot. I will also use Tea Tree oil when soaking my feet. I fill a basin with luke warm water and add 10 drops of Tea Tree oil and enjoy the cleansing and healing powers of the essential oil. I also like to put a few drop of Tea Tree oil on a tissue when I have a cold or a sniffle to enhale and it clears my nostrils.

I know some of these things seem to be common sense but it's a good reminder to those like me who often forget how important the basics really are. Any advice or tips leave it in the comments section or email me J xox xox



  1. awwsome blog thanx 4 the follow :)

  2. Great tips!! I really envy your healthy and pretty skin!!
    XOXO from a new follower,

  3. Love the tips here, your blog is really great! do you think the tea tree oil would work as well a little diluted? I have tried it concentrated before and found it stings a little, maybe I put too much on? :S xx

  4. Hey Amanda, Thank-you for your kind comments :)

    Ohhh no, don't put it on your skin if it stings, your right it can be too strong for some skin types.

    Here’s my suggestion for you:
    Dilute 1 teaspoon of tea tree with about ½ a cup of Witch Hazel.

    I haven’t written much about Witch Hazel yet (thanks for reminding me –another blog to write ) but it is fabulous Hun, I also use it on in-grown hairs. It has a funny smell but it can help reduce inflammation of a spot. So this combo is good because the Tea Tree is attacking the bacteria whilst the witch hazel is cleaning and soothing.

    Or for a simple treatment, if you have more oily to normal skin just do 1 part tea-tree to 6 parts water…
    Or if you have sensitive skin like me do 1 part tea tree to 8 parts aloe vera gel it will help soothe the area.

    Hope this helps?? Let me know how you go sweetheart!! Love and Kisses xox

  5. That's wonderful! Thanks so much! I will get out and buy these and try that for sure! Sometimes its the simplest natural products that work much better than all these lotions and potions that are out there! :) Thank you again, I will let you know how I get on! xxx