Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Basic Must Haves: The Face…..

A lot of girls just don’t know where to start or what staples they should have in their collections so I have listed a few of my personal favourites for you..
First; and foremost a great face moituriser with an SPF in it... Please ladies this is a must must must!! You need to keep that beautiful face of yours hydrated and protected, my personal favourites are:

·         Natio Daily Protection Face Moisturiser SPF 15... I always wear a moisturiser with an SPF factor during the day. In Australia our UV rating is so high it is imperative that I cover my skin with an SPF. Even if I’m wearing make-up I will apply this underneath. It actually absorbs quite well into my skin, sitting lightly on the surface but I like this to give me a dewy make-up look. I can smell the lavender as I apply this onto my skin and it feels almost calming. It’s a great moisturiser on its own; it’s very hydrating and simple. If I am going to wear it under my make-up I apply at least 5 minutes before applying my make-up ( I either start my hair, get dressed or make-my bed while I wait), to really allow it to absorb into my skin and creating a protective barrier on my skin. I like this as a light weight moisturiser when my skin is feeling normal.

·         Mirenesse Eclipse Age Defence Daily face and Neck Balm SPF 30+
This gem in a compact is a strong face solution with sunscreen. This strong formulation is to be applied to your face and neck with a black special sponge(provided). It has a light sunscreen odour which isn’t offensive. The sponge allows for easy no mess application and the handy mirror in the compact allows for easier application anywhere, anytime. It’s a very smooth balm, which needs to be rubbed in the face to leave no residue. It will leave the face a little white, however due to the strength of SPF this is to be expected. It’s such a handy product to have in your handbag or beach bag with a mirror it makes for a prefect traveller. I adore it, and was so happy to get it at 2 for the price of one special...

·         Olay Complete defence daily UV moisturising lotion. SPF 30+ I found this when travelling around Europe over 2 years ago and have been buying it ever since. Really fluid and thick consistency which absorb well into my skin. A light sunscreen smell but not off putting (I actually like it, because it reminds me of Spain). Leaves my skin feeling hydrated all day. Doesn't sit too well under make-up, but great on its own. Gives full coverage and doesn't feel like you’re wearing a moisturiser. I love the feeling that it gives my skin only after a few days of use; it really leaves my whole face feeling plumper and stronger. I am now a devotee to the Olay brand.

·         UltraCeuticals Professional
Protective Daily MoiteriserSPF 30+.
This is a nice easy moisturiser. No mess, no fuss. Just a quick easy to apply product. No apparent smell or colours. Absorbs well into my skin. I always look for an SPF in my face moisturisers and 30+ is a bonus. It has a great smooth consistency that my skin adores and has given me no blemishes or break out. I recently did an outdoor booty camp and used this product and loved it! It didn't run into my eyes and stayed well. It’s a fabulous little moisturiser that contains green tea and vitamin e which are both great for your skin.

Second; is an eye-cream I don’t care if your 18 or 80!! I have been using it since I turned 20 and apply it religiously twice a day under my eyes, on my temples and on my lids.. Its all about prevention! So start young… My personal favourites are:
·         Natio Renew Radiance Eye Cream-
This light eye cream, is good for those who haven't used an eye cream before and want to try something basic first. I put this under my make-up when I apply my moisturiser. I concentrate this one under my eyes, and on my lids. I like this as its very light and feels like more of a natural formula to me, and can be layered with other eye creams for a more
little moisturiser intense kick.

·         Nivea Visage DNAge Eye Cream- This rich formula has become a new favourite of mine. I really pack this one on before bed and allow the product to work its magic. Light fragrance which is standard amongst the Nivea range. The consistency is so smooth I love the feeling of it melting into my skin. I use very generously and slather all around my eye under, sides, lids and any excess i put on my lips. I adore this eye cream. 

·         Mirenesse Power Lift Superstar Concentrate
This product I can't really give you the results, because I literally only used three times and its already finished. I'm not sure if I really used it ALL in only three uses or I wasn't given the full amount. Due to packaging I am unable to tell. It comes in a pump action tube/pen and it take 40 presses to get up product out I have a similar product for deep lines and have more product in that one. So It had a nice consistency absorbed well under my eyes, but in terms of its Superstar qualities I am unable to determine.

·         De-Line De-Puff Soothing Eye Gel
I like this product however do not use toooo much or put it too close to your eyes I find an ingredient in this product stings my eyes. I find it very soothing when used in moderation and with care. I also like to put this on my neck and stroke upward towards my chin. I find it quite a runny liquid and always squeeze to much on my fingers. I find it does reduce the puffiness of my eyes. And I enjoy using this product but I use it every now and again not as a daily ritual product as I do with my Natio and Nivea.

Third; Lucas Papaw ointment! Ladies if you have not heard of this you are missing out! Trust me. I introduced this product to my girlfriends in the UK and they feel in love.. It is actually a tropical healing ointment. But I used it as a lip product and it really nourishes and moisturises them. Can also put on bites or sores, as well as eyelids for a glossy effect.

Fourth; good tweezers!! They are great for plucking strays, applying false eye lashes. I know it’s a craze products but Tweezerman tweezers are fab.. You think a tweezers is just a tweezers until you try these little beauties.
 I love their:
Expert Touch Gel Grip Tweezers - Get a grip on tweezing

Point® Tweezers -The ultimate in precision tweezing — grab even annoyingly short, baby-fine or newly grown hair

Fifth: must have beauty product every lady should have in the beauty cabinet baby wipes. Yes you read right baby wipes. Not make-up wipes… I keep Johnson and Johnson sensitive baby wipes handy all the time… If you’re tired and can’t be bothered washing your face before bed use these, if you have made a beauty blunder use these, if your face just feels dirty use these.. Believe me!! If it’s soft enough to use on a baby’s bottom, its soft enough to use of your face!! They are natural with barely anything in them and work wonders…

Thank-You for reading, if you have any questions or comments please contact me :)


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  1. The gel grip tweezers is adorable!!