Sunday, February 27, 2011

Love for your mitts!!

Lanolips – Rose Balm Intense for very dry hands and nails:
Along with the lip ointment I also got the hand balm for very dry hands in Rose from Santa. I do get dry hands. I always wash my hands and use hand sanitiser and therefore always use a hand cream. This is such a rich formula you don't need much to cover your hands. If you use too much it wont absorb and can leave your hands feeling greasy. The product is not greasy at all if you use the right amount. You really don't need much. And it leaves my hands feeling nourished for hours. It doesn't smell like roses more of a clean soap so this is good for people who aren't keen for synthetic smelling products and just want a good quality product. It contains rose oil and vitamin e which are both known for their moisturising properties. It comes in a small container perfect size for your hand bag and to whip out on the go. 

MOR- hand and nail cream in Marshmallow... yum.. This wonder product is divine. Very nourishing hand cream with a sweet smell. I don’t think it smells exactly like marshmallows but it definitely has a yummy aroma that smells good enough to eat. I have dry hands because of my line of work. And I got this after hearing how good it smells and I wasn't disappointed. I love good smelling products and this one ticks the box. It’s a great rich formula that leaves my skins smooth. And you just want to keep smelling your hands after you have applied it because it smells so good! It really is sweet. Its top fragrance notes are white carnation and marshmallow. With a base of vanilla and sugar hence it’s so sweet. It’s a product that when I use it makes me smile :)  (The packaging has had a fair beating, I use it all the time and it lives in my handbag, so the poor thing is a little worn out FYI)

Natio- Wellness Hand cream with SPF 15+. I am so happy to have found a good hand cream with SPF. In Australia our UV factor is high, and so when driving I am honestly so conscious about my hands being directly in the sun. I can feel the heat permeating through my skin. So when I found this I was one happy girl. I leave this in my car and as so as I go for a drive a pop a bit onto the backs of my hand. Its super soft and nourishing. I just have to make sure I really rub it in before driving because I don’t want slippery hands on the wheel. As far as hand creams go I like it. It gives my hands the moisture it needs and lasts well. But its definitely the added SPF in it that makes me a lover of this product....


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